I have slandered KD’s name before, I admit it. Hand up, I one-hundred percent have called him a snake for his move from OKC to Golden State, but those statements have all been retracted. Let the past be the past. I live in the present, and presently speaking, Kevin Durant is now a minority owner (1%-5% stake) of the Philadelphia Union.

KD has restored himself in my eyes, and hopefully all Philadelphians will see the same, unless he’s playing against the Sixers. On the court it’s all boo’s, but not when he’s in the city catching a game at Subaru Park. I’m all in on KD being the celebrity owner the Union need to help grow the brand, and the sport of soccer around the city. Other star athletes have stakes in MLS clubs, like James Harden with the Houston Dynamo, Magic Johnson with LAFC, and Russell Wilson with the Seattle Sounders. Soccer is the future sport of America, despite being the worlds sport for centuries. LeBron has a stake in Liverpool, but he’s got the big boy money and was too “elite” and “globally iconic” to support an MLS club like the Columbus Crew… smh ‘Bron

kd union 2

Also, as a potential future member of the Sons of Ben (think Union’s version of the Green Street Hooligans, great movie), I will not entertain the notion that KD bought this ownership stake just because the Union have a snake in the logo. However, if he did buy in for that reason, then more power to him, and to the Union. That’s the kind of pettiness and irrational motivation we need to bring the MLS Cup to the City of Brotherly Love. #DOOP