Fast-food is the backbone of the American culinary landscape whether we want to admit it or not. Besides barbecue, buffalo wings, and the various American spins we’ve put on other international foods over the years, there really isn’t “American food”. That previous statement was true until we revolutionized the game with fast-food joints, and the one I’m on a kick on currently is Cook-Out.

If you’re from the Northeast, or anywhere besides the the South, you’ve either never heard of Cook-Out, or have only heard its hero lore. Cook-Out is the ultimate fast-food spot, but on steroids. Burgers, chicken sammies, quesadillas, bacon wraps, hot dogs, etc. The list goes on and on, but what you’re going for is a tray.


The infamous Cook-Out tray is why the nation needs these all over the continental United States. You get an entire meal, 2 sides, and a drink/shake for like 5 bucks.

It’s the ultimate value play, but it’s also a Michelin star restaurant compared to McDonald’s and the other places. If you’re reading this Cook-Out CEO/executive, come up north, please.