Today was one of the saddest days of my life. I am saying that because it is 100% true, I’ll explain. I was looking around Twitter to find sponsors for my podcast , New York Sports Deserve Better, and I stumbled upon my favorite beer Michelob Ultra. For those of you who have not listened to the podcast, I have used Michelob Ultra as a fake sponsor more than once. I decided why not follow them, shoot them a DM and see what they say back. I went to follow them and they have an age restriction so Twitter asked me to confirm my age. I thought this would be no problem because my fat ass just turned 21 a month ago and I would love to confirm my age. The decision to confirm my age was the biggest mistake I have made in my entire life. The second I clicked done, my screen goes black and a message comes up saying my account has been locked because the account was created before I was 13 years old and that is against the guidelines of Twitter.


Let me tell you what it felt like when the message came up. Everything stopped, heart skipped a beat, water immediately came to the eyes, I was lost. 9 years enjoying myself and the content on Twitter and it was gone with one click of a button. 9 years. I was 12 years old when I hopped on Twitter. I was on twitter probably before I grew my first pubic hair, I turned into a different human being since I was 12. I recently went back to delete any stupid tweets I might have made and I found some of the most cringiest tweets. I was incredibly embarrassed of the things I said on Twitter from 2011-2016 and wondered how I had any friends with the way that I tweeted. Although it was embarrassing, it showed growth. I saw the change where I finally was comfortable tweeting whatever I thought was funny rather than what I thought would get likes. Turns out being myself was a pretty good way to get laughs whether it was people laughing with me or at me. The ironic thing about me saying that I became more myself is that all of it changed when I decided to go by the alias Big Diesel. 

Twitter is such a different social media site than all the others. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat do not compare to Twitter. If you receive a like on a FaceBook or Instagram post that is not meaningful, it is probably someone just scrolling through their feed liking everything.  A like or retweet on a tweet has so much more value than a like on different social media apps and I do not know the reasoning behind it but it is true. I had followers on twitter that I have never met in real life before but I would consider them dear friends, it is the creepiest thing but it is true. I know these people by their twitter handles and their profile pictures and that is how they know me too, no real names, just aliases. Everything about Twitter was awesome. This past month I had the best month that I have ever had on Twitter and I was only going to go up. This was something that I was proud of especially because I want to be involved with social media in life after school. This was also huge for my podcast. IMG_1975

My twitter account led to me creating a podcast, something I never thought I would do. I thought the idea was stupid and I joked about it all the time on Twitter but I started to receive more and more likes on these tweets about me starting a podcast. This showed me that people wanted a voice that understood the pain of being a New York Sports Fan. I used twitter to promote my first podcast and I received 5k impressions (humble brag). I had a huge audience but now that is gone. 500 followers that I worked my ass off for 9 years to gain…poof. I have made a new account but not having the “joined Twitter in April 2011” on my account will hurt. I will never get that back, I will never get my old tweets back, I will never get my followers back, and I will never get back the 600 people I followed back. My feed will never be the same, therefore I will never be the same. This feels like I lost a loved one today. Thank you to everyone that is following me right now, almost at 100 followers again, one step at a time. Remember New York Sports Deserve Better.