By popular demand and after a scorching hot +$1700 day yesterday, we’re bach playing the ponies.

I am currently in DC at my girlfriend’s so you’ll have to excuse me if this is a little light on analysis but I’m gonna post my tickets and let the people do as they will. These are all the early plays and if you want the late plays which will certainly exist you’ll just have to follow me @harry__mac on the twitter.

So let’s dive in:

Gulfstream Park Early Pick 4

(I appear to have missed the post here, hand up that’s on me)

Churchill Downs


Played this one for double but will only be $75 if you play for 50 cents. Also if you really wanna cut it down, single the 1 in race 3 and it’ll cut the price in half.

Alright everyone, let’s mount up and make some mother fuckin money. As a bonus for those who like the ponies I’m including a UFC parlay I played for tonight. Don’t say I never did nothing for yah.