FlyQuest started of the Summer Split intent on showing last split wasn’t a mistake. They just barely prevented Cloud9 from covering (we needed two more kills and the last two members of FlyQuest hid in fountain as their nexus was destroyed). However, a little CLG and C9 parlay hit which puts us barely below even.

This early into the season it looks like there is a lot of value in money line plays so today and tomorrow will mostly be ML plays.


Evil Geniuses vs Counter Logic Gaming – 4PM EDT

Evil Geniuses had a very strong start to the summer split last night with a textbook win over another top team in 100 Thieves. It appears as though the form that they found at the end of last split has carried over into this split. Meanwhile CLG has not changed a damn thing after going 3-15 last split. Both of these teams are what they are. Evil Geniuses are deserved favorites and we’re going to use them as a parlay piece today.

Team SoloMid vs Team Liquid – 5PM EDT

These lines are insulting. TSM is one of the teams I believe got worse in the offseason. The Doublelift acquisition is underwhelming in its own right but HOLY SHIT promoting Spica to the main roster from their academy is down right embarrassing for TSM. With the mid lane nerfs coming on the 10.13 patch (LCS is currently playing on 10.11) things are only going to go from bad to worse for TSM. Sorry, got off track. There is no doubt Liquid had a disappointing spring split but even still they went 2-0 against TSM. I’m optimistic about Liquid this season while I insist TSM is much worse than last split. We’re going heavy on Liquid ML against this garbage TSM roster.

Immortals vs FlyQuest – 6PM EDT

FlyQuest were dealt the impossible task of opening up their season against Cloud9 last night. Cloud9, as expected, cruised to victory but FlyQuest showed a lot of fight and even had a slight lead in the early game. Maybe the talk of their demise was overstated. Either way, this Immortals team that lost their two match ups with FlyQuest last split have essentially the same roster. FlyQuest covered 5.5 kills in both the matches last season so we’re taking that.


  • 2u Liquid ML (-125)
  • 1u FlyQuest -5.5 kills (-115)
  • 1u Parlay EG ML | Liquid ML | FlyQuest ML (+240)

Record: 1-1 -0.05u

Lets print money.

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