It always feels nice when your predictions going into a new season come to fruition. After seeing all the teams play this is the tier list I’ve come up with that I’ll use as a general guide for at least today.

League Tier List

Cloud9 vs 100 Thieves – 4:00PM EDT

Evil Geniuses controlled their game against 100 Thieves from start to finish on Friday. I currently have 100 Thieves as a Tier 2 based solely off their performance last split so that may change. Regardless, they go up against Cloud9 who are still an absolute wagon. While Cloud9 covered that 9.5 kill spread in 4 of their 5 meetings with 100 Thieves last season, that is too many kills for me to stomach. Instead we’re going to continue to use Cloud9 as a parlay piece/odds booster.

Dignitas vs TSM – 5:00PM EDT

I try not to make a habit of giving a write up on matches I’m not betting on but I really wanted to bet u22.5 here. However, if these teams are as bad as I think they are I’d like more information on them before betting a match between them. TSM -230 is a bananas line after they got dog walked by Liquid. That said I don’t see much value in Dignitas because, like I said, they stink.

Team Liquid vs Golden Guardians – 6:00PM EDT

Liquid had an almost flawless match yesterday. Golden Guardians also looked good in their own right. However, I’m willing to buy into that Liquid are  much closer to the team we expected them to be last split than the team they actually were. We’re using Liquid as a parlay piece too.

CLG vs Immortals – 7:00PM EDT

CLG is bad. Like shouldn’t be in the LCS bad. They let Evil Geniuses steam roll them yesterday. They didn’t have an answer for anything EG did. Immortals aren’t anything special themselves but it doesn’t take anything special to be this CLG team. I’ll gladly hammer any team that is -145 against CLG. They only won 3 games last split and definitely don’t look better than they were last split.


  • 3u Immortals ML (-145)
  • 1u Parlay: C9 ML | Liquid ML | Immortals ML (+186)


Summer Split Record: 4-1 +4.82u


Lets print money.

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