First off….the episode where Homer works for the Globex Corporation is a classic. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it. Homer has to move his family from Springfield for a higher-paying job with Globex, where he meets his millionaire boss Hank Scorpio — a James Bond-like villain who befriends Homer while trying to take over the world. In short, Homer loves his new job but his family hates it, and he finally caves to the guilt trip provided by his wife and kids and moves the family back to Springfield. For being such a great employee of his, Hank decides to buy Homer an NFL franchise. Homer mentioned earlier that his dream was to own the Dallas Cowboys, but Hank buys him the Denver Broncos to end the episode. (See clip – and yes, that’s Elway going out for a pass and falling over himself. It’s priceless)

I share this video because this is exactly what the Broncos season is gonna look like and you are a complete FOOL if you think they win 8 games. Before we even get started with their schedule, they’re losing to Kansas City both times, and they always split with the Chargers and Raiders, so their division record will be 2-4 AT BEST!

Now keep in mind…Drew Lock is essentially a rookie QB and has only FIVE career starts to his name. On top of that, mini-camps are being held “virtually,” training camps are sure to be a shell of their normal selves, and the preseason is being cut down to 2 games…all of which can’t be good for a starting QB with only FIVE career starts. If you wanna talk about rust, you’re gonna see a shit-ton in those first few weeks of football. Additionally, you have a Head Coach who’s only going into his 2nd years as an HC anywhere, he’s shaky, unproven, the organization is not sold on him at all, and he has already lost the locker room with the comments he’s made this offseason. Good luck Drew!

Mile High is gonna be a shitshow and it is absolutely conceivable that they start the 2020 season 1-4, or even 0-5, and that’s WITHOUT any division games yet.  They open the season with a Monday Nighter against a team that was just in the AFC Championship, and Tennessee is gonna run all over them and shove that defense straight down Drew’s throat. Then on “short rest” they gotta go to Pittsburgh, then face Tom Brady at home….talk about a rough 3 games to start the season.

After that, they visit the Jets….a team that I will always shit on until my shit turns purple and tastes like rainbow sherbet (hello Super Trooper fans). The Jets are a joke; always have been, and always will be. I am the last person to ever side with them because they are a crock of horseshit. Why? Because they’re the Jets. Nothing else needs to be said. HOWEVER, we know how notoriously bad west coast teams are when they have to travel to the east coast, and on top of it, the Broncos visit the Jets for a THURSDAY night game. So on only 3 days rest, they play the Jets on Thursday night after starting the season with those 3 brutal games. How do you think this game will turn out?! Now, it’s possible Denver wins this game because it’s the Jets, and the Jets will always Jet, which is why I mentioned a potential 1-4 start earlier, but it most certainly won’t be easy.

Next up are the Pats in New England, and I’m sorry, but they’re not beating a fired-up Belichick in his own building who’s out to prove that he can win without Tom Brady. So as you can see, it is absolutely possible that Denver begins the season 0-5, but I’ll give them 1-4 at the very best. Combine that with the 2-4 record they’ll have in the AFC West and you’re looking at 3-8…which would mean they’d have to win their reaming 5 games. Who are they might you ask? Well one of them is the Saints, and there’s no chance they win that one, so there’s your 9 loses right there. UNDER 7.5 CITY!!!!

They also face Miami and Buffalo at home, so I’ll give them wins there (I don’t believe the Buffalo hype; they’re not winning that division, Belichick is, and Josh Allen has the potential to be a turnover machine…did you see that Wild Card game?!) They also have to go to Atlanta, certainly not easy by any stretch, and also to Carolina, who even the Jets could beat. My bet is Denver finishes the year 6-10. HAMMER the under.

THE BET – Denver u7.5 wins (+100)

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