This is the 2nd to last week of Bundesliga games, which makes me incredibly sad. It’s been an unforgettable run. I don”t care how ya slice it, the Barney Bundesliga Fade Board has been a way of life for people. Does it matter that I’m 28-45, and down 3 units with only 2 slates left? No, because it was never about the money I made you if you followed the Fade Board, but it was about the ride. Sure, hopping on the FC Köln bandwagon certainly was a foolish move, as was many of the draws I banked on solely off value. However, not all was bad. We all were made rich by the cash cows of Bayern and Dortmund, while squeezing all the juice out of bottom-dweller Paderborn. It’s been a beautiful journey so far, so without further ado, the 2nd to last Barney Bundesliga Fade Board.

Bayern v. SC Freiburg

Bayern locked up the title last week against Bremen, so I’m not sure what kind of side they’ll throw out against a sneaky Freiburg side. Avoiding this match.

Dortmund v. Leipzig

Battle for 2nd place in this match. If RBL win, they’ll be tied with Dortmund on points, but would be ahead of Dortmund based on their goal-differential. It’s a clash of two offensive titans. Give me a goal fest that’ll end in a draw. Full match draw at +270 (value out the wazoo), and the over of 3.5 at +130.

Hoffenheim v. Union Berlin

Union Berlin staying in the Bundesliga is a huge accomplishment, especially considering they are the smallest club in the Bundesliga in terms of fans and money. They are a scrappy group, but they’ll end this season with a loss against a strong Hoffenheim side. Taking a 1H draw at +135, along with Hoffenheim ML for 2 units at -160.

Düsseldorf v. FC Augsburg

Düsseldorf are fighting for their relegation lives, and Augsburg are coming off of the receiving end of an ass kicking from Hoffenheim last week. I’m riding with the House Plants of Augsburg in a nail-bitter to send Düsseldorf down to the 2nd division. Augsburg ML +295.

Hertha Berlin v. Leverkusen

Leverkusen are so much fun to watch. They score goals, and don’t concede that many. Hertha Berlin on the other hand, well they have lost their last 3 matches, so let’s go ahead and put our money on them losing a 4th straight match to end the season. Taking Leverkusen money line -160, and Leverkusen -1.5 at +145.

Mainz v. Bremen

Mainz stunned the Bundesliga last week with a 2-0 win over Dortmund, maybe the biggest shocker outside of Bayern’s losses. Bremen gave Bayern quite a game last slate, but they were a man up for most of their run after Alphonso Davies was sent off. Bremen are still fighting for their relegation lives, and Mainz are only slightly above the drop zone. I think these two will fight it out to the end, and that end will be a draw at +240.

Schalke v. Wolfsburg

A tiger can’t change its stripes, and I can’t change my viewpoint on Schalke. It’s still fade on sight for me, especially after Wolfsburg got WORKED by ‘Gladbach during the midweek slate. Wolfsburg -150 for 2 units is the play here.

FC Köln v. Frankfurt

I’d be a skell if I didn’t ride with my Billy Goats until the season ends. This is a “bet with your heart” kind of play. Throw the stats and analytics out the door, gimme my main lads, the Billy Goats, at +175.

Paderborn v. ‘Gladbach

‘Gladbach made me a lot of schnitzel this season, and fading Paderborn did as well. Let’s stick to the Barney Bundesliga basics, ‘Gladbach -1.5 at -150.


Another Fade Board in the books, let’s hope it’s another spicy one. Until next week, kick it easy.