I knew this day would rear its ugly head one day, and it’s with great sadness that I present to you the final Barney Bundesliga Fade Board. It’s been a whirlwind of happiness, desperation, and chaos, but it’s been a roller coaster experience I wouldn’t change for all the losses its costed me. Money can’t buy happiness, and losses don’t equate to sadness. So, without further a-do, I present to you the Final Barney Bundesliga Fade Board.

Dortmund v. Hoffenheim

Dortmund already have 2nd place locked up regardless of any result in this final game, but expect the Black & Yellows to give the final game of the season a proper go. Hoffenheim can qualify for the Europa League with a win/draw, and a Wolfsburg loss, so this isn’t just a walk-through game for them. They’ll give Dortmund all they can handle. Taking a 1H draw at +160, and the Over of 3.5 goals at -110.

Leverkusen v. Mainz

More European soccer stakes are on the line in this one, as Leverkusen need a win and a ‘Gladbach loss to make it into the Champions League. They get a favorable match up against Mainz, and are the easy pick here. Leverkusen -1.5 at -150 is my play on this match.

‘Gladbach v. Hertha

‘Gladbach are 2 points ahead of Leverkusen for that final Champions League spot, so they only need a draw to lock up 4th place based on their superior goal differential. ‘Gladbach secure their Champions League spot with a win against Hertha. Taking ‘Gladbach 1H money line at -140, and ‘Gladbach -1.5 at -130.

Wolfsburg v. Bayern Munich

Wolfsburg are in a final day battle against Hoffenheim for the last spot in the Europa League for Bundesliga clubs. Unfortunately for Wolfsburg, they are running into a buzz saw in Bayern, a club whose bench players are world class talents. Taking the safe over of 3.5 goals at -120.

Frankfurt v. Paderborn

Fading Paderborn is clockwork at this point. Frankfurt money line is the smart play here, but I don’t like the value. Taking the rare Barney Bundesliga under of 3.5 at EVEN odds for 2 units.

Bremen v. FC Köln

Bremen are going to be in the relegation battle tournament regardless of what happens here, and I can’t go against my Billy Goats in the final Fade Board. Billy Goats ML at +350, despite Bremen being a heavy favorite (God knows why).

Freiburg v. Schalke

It wouldn’t be a Fade Board if I didn’t slander Schalke. Schalke is the club that has best embodied the spirit and theme of the Fade Board, a theme of disaster, beauty, and unpredictability. How could it be a Fade Board if I didn’t fade Schalke? Give me the patented 1H draw at +135, and Freiburg ML at -120 for 2 units.

Leipzig v. Augsburg

RBL have been my favorite team to watch since I started this Bundesliga adventure. They know one speed, and that speed is GO. Pedal to the god damn medal is the only thing they know, and I love it. Give me the RBL lads at -1.5 at -110.

Union Berlin v. Düsseldorf

UB is a side after my own heart. I love those guys, they just fight and fight. Well, they didn’t fight too hard last week after getting thumped by Hoffenheim 4-0, but this is a new week for UB. They are against relegation battling Düsseldorf, who will face off with Bremen and Bundesliga 2 teams to see who stays in the German top division. UB is the underdog against a Düsseldorf side that is shifting focus on their future relegation tournament battle, instead of a meaningless end of the season match. Despite Düsseldorf being the favorite here,  I’m taking the ‘ol reliable Barney Bundesliga draw at +260.


What a ride it’s been. The Bundesliga has been such a beacon of hope during these treacherous and sport-less times. Until next time everyone, I’ll leave you all with a quote from Lil Wayne,

I hate to see her go, but I love to watch here leave. But I keep her running back and forth like a (Bundesliga) soccer team

-Lil Wayne

As always lads/lassies, kick it easy.

PS: A Barney British Fade Board maybe in the works, call me Barney fish & chips.