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THE HAMMER is back after our 🔥PERFECT 4-0🔥 night this past Saturday for #UFCVegas4 where we finished the evening 💰UP 3.5 UNITS💰 and laughing our way to the bank. If you tailed, you’re welcome. If not……well, this is you:


Anyway…..we’ve got another 2020 season win total for the National Football League in the form of the Chicago Bears, whose season is gonna shatter into pieces much like the table in the wrestling ring above. As we normally do with our win-total breakdowns, we begin in the division, and the best-case scenario for the Bears is finishing 3-3 in the NFC North….a division they’ve only won twice in the last 13 years, and a division they haven’t represented as a Wild Card team since it was called the NFC Central (1994). This is a division that notoriously beats up on one another, so a 3-3 division record seems fair, but it wouldn’t shock me if they finished 2-4. They’ll be lucky to split with Minnesota, the Pack will wipe the floor with them, and they’ll probably sweep Detroit since they’re always pathetic, but their season opens at Detroit, so it’s possible Detroit wins that one at home. Either way, 2-4 is very likely, but 3-3 is fair and the best we can see them finish.

This leaves us with 10 contests remaining, and we gotta come up with 5 wins in order to PUSH their season win total of 8 games. They host the Giants Week 2, travel to Carolina Week 6 with extended rest, and are in Jacksonville Week 16. We agree that these are most likely W’s for Chicago….which puts them at an iffy 6 wins with the 3-3 division record, if (and that’s a BIG if) all falls well (which we know won’t happen with the QB situation).

They’re in Atlanta Week 3, host a solid Indy team Week 4, which has classic trap game written all over it as they’re forced to look ahead (Thursday night….short rest….Tom Brady) to a stacked Bucs team in Week 5. Debate with me about Indy all you want, but this is an 0-3 stretch right here.

With 4 games left that we haven’t mentioned yet, they travel to Cali to play the Rams on Monday night Week 7, host the Saints Week 8 with one less day to prep, go to Tennessee Week 9, and host the Texans Week 14. Say 2-2 all you want, but that’s being overly generous to a team with a serious problem at QB….so 1-3 sounds about right, but 0-4 is certainly possible and wouldn’t be too surprising considering they’re rolling the dice with MITCHELL TRUBISKY.

Can you believe this organization took him number 2 overall in 2017, traded 2 thirds and a fourth to San Francisco for absolutely NO REASON in order to move up one single pick to grab him, and had him rated higher than BOTH Patrick Mahomes AND Deshaun Watson?! Ryan Pace must have saw something in Mitch that no one else saw, right?! Surely he knows what he’s doing….I mean, having 9 Tight Ends on your roster and then drafting another one with your first pick this past April is a genius move as well, so clearly this GM is ahead of his time 🤣 🤣 🤣

Whether it’s Trubisky or Big Dick (who has completely failed every where he’s gone that isn’t named Philly — i.e., Jacksonville, Kansas City, St. Louis), the QB controversy in Chicago is very real and both leave much to be desired. Between that, their strength of schedule, their questionable HC, and the incompetence of their GM who determines the product that is put on the field, we don’t see the Bears reaching 8 wins. HAMMER the under.


Chicago u8 wins (-145)  —  This blog, dated 6/29/20

Denver u7.5 wins (+100)  —  Prior blog, dated 6/18/20

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