Welcome back to volume 20 of “Today.. But With Baseball. For those who are unfamiliar with what the phrase means. Check out the intro blog here.

Before we dive into today’s baseball memory, I just wanna say it is good to be back. I have been in twitter jail for going on 2 weeks and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. It wan’t for anything I said and it appeared to be a security concern on a day when T-Mobile service shit the bed. I have no idea if I am even going to get my account back, but I ain’t abandoning anyone. Sports are right around the fucking corner and slowly, but surely, we will be back to normal soon. One thing that will help propel us back to normalcy is the return of Major League Baseball.

Today’s Moment? Francisco Lindor Taking Chad Green Deep (Game 2 2017 ALDS)

When people talk about the hype around October baseball, this is what we’re talking about. Grand slams happen pretty frequently in baseball. In 2018, there were 141 grand slams – a cycle or two of steroids away from hitting a grand slam every game. However, these grand slams are the ones that are chiseled in your sports brain until the end of time. Almost as if Leonardo DiCaprio himself came and mind fucked this highlight into your brain before it even happened.

The Lindor grand slam itself is already something special, but, this may have been the best postseason I’ve seen in a long time. I remember putting a lot of money on there being a run in the 1st inning as well as the over. I had a lot of money on the over, like a scary amount. That Gary Sanchez 2-run shot in the top of the 1st gave me a fucking rush that you just can’t find elsewhere. Before the ball even landed, I went just as big on the live over – which ended up cashing in the bottom of the 13th after a thrilling postseason classic.

This was also a big turning point for me in adulthood as well. I remember exactly where I was because it was when I finally started to appreciate the little things in life a little more. Not saying I was ever spoiled and finally grew up in any way, but it was my first fall home from college and I been working full time since February and was suddenly more interested in sitting on the couch and watching a great baseball game instead of going out. Sounds extremely silly to say no since I would give up a nut just to be able to go to the bar tonight and watch some Phillies baseball.

One last thing. The call by Matt Vasgersian might be the best clip from my lifetime – all Phillies bias aside. That isn’t a shot at Joe Buck either. I think he and Matty V do an excellent job in the booth despite being on complete opposite sides of the spectrum. Buck would have let the crowd noise take over, some people hate that but I think it’s baseball porn. Just listen to that crowd. The tribe deserves better ownership. It’s a shame Lindor’s time in Cleveland is most likely coming to a close soon.

22 days till opening day!

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