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Today’s Moment? Dave Roberts Game 4 2004 ALCS Stolen Base

It’s tough to even put into words how amazing and memorable the 2004 ALCS was. My only complaint was that I was only 10 years old and prolly didn’t even watch a single inning of the game at the moment. On top of that, the 2004 Sox were the first team – and no one since to come back from an 0-3 deficit. Add in the fact that the Red Sox beat up on their biggest rival to rewrite the history of baseball, the final product is something all baseball fanatics are familiar with.

To set the tone, I am one of the biggest baseball purists. Stop trying to change all the fucking rules to accommodate anyone. The game is boring? Sure you can think that. The season is too long? If you think the game is boring, you’re not gonna suddenly be interested because they shaved away 40 games off the schedule. Three batter minimum for relief pitchers? *Throw up noise* I still haven’t been able to sleep well at night knowing that at best we will likely see just one last season without a universal DH. A universal DH is not going to make the game more exciting AT ALL.

One of my favorite aspects that is going extinct in baseball nowadays is steals & hit n’ runs. I understand why when slugging and OPS continue to be the most important measurables for hitters. When used properly, speed can absolutely kill you. A bad catcher or a pitcher whose brain turns into mush with someone in the base paths is thrilling to watch. One of the most exciting stolen bases of the past 20-30 years has to be Dave Roberts‘ swipe of 2nd base in game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. Even better, it’s not even a reach to say if Roberts was thrown out, the Yankees sweep the ALCS and stomp out the Cardinals the same way the Red Sox did. We also did give Big Papi enough credit for completely obliterating that ball in the bottom of the 12th that night.

20 days till opening day!