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Today’s Moment? Aaron Rowand’s legendary catch

Don’t know about you guys, but, I got a soft spot in my heart for dudes that play like every inning was their last and every game was game 7. Regardless of sport, those special athletes make it so hard to not rally behind them; even if they have tremendous talent. Of course there’s guys like Chase Utley who run every single ground ball out, but, are incredibly gifted and talented. Then you have guys like Aaron Rowand. Sure he was a first rounder, but, there’s nothing on his baseball reference page that makes you say wow.

Despite all of that, Aaron Rowand showed up to one of the most gritty cities in the country and embraced the fuck out of it. It wasn’t like Rowand would just turn it on when the game was on the line, that dude brought the juice every single inning. It wouldn’t surprise me if Rowand is a super hardo who just can’t turn the switch off. There’s nothing wrong with that if you’re in the big leagues. That dude at IM basketball acting the same way is just a jerkoff.

Even if ya don’t believe me. Peep the scoreboard in the clip. Top of the 1st bases loaded 2 outs. Rowand either puts it all out on the line to make the play or the Mets put up a 3 spot in their half of the 1st. I ain’t no ridiculous sabermetric guy by any stretch, but, I bet the winning percentage for teams that put up a 3 spot in the 1st is pretty fucking high.

It’s a damn shame that Rowands time in Philly didn’t last a little longer (so close to getting a ring.) It’s even worse that Rowand was more or less pushed out of baseball due to head injuries. There’s nothing bad about a career .273/.330/.435 centerfielder than played top tier defense. As much as I loved Victorino, it was hard moving on from Rowand patrolling up the middle.

“For who? My teammates. For what? To win” – Rowand postgame. “As a player I don’t think you could ask for anything more to be remembered for”

How does that not get you pumped to run through a brick fucking wall? I’d go to war for Aaron Rowand. Plain and simple.

17 days till opening day!

Ernie El's