If you haven’t seen this video yet you are probably grinding at work or live under a literal rock, but here is the video Pat McAfee dropped today of him literally handing out $50,000 BAGS to his boys after his FanDuel deal went through.Ā 

Pat is fucking awesome, man. And that Wilbon sound bite??? LMAOOO. Imagine all the other old school, out of touch, media personalities that thought the same thing?? They were just intimidated by an athlete with personality stepping into their field because frankly, the dinosaurs in the industry don’t want it to change. Pioneers like Barstool and Pat are proof that that change is here, and here to stay.

Ever since I watched his retirement video (below) I knew he was going to crush it as a media personality.

“I want to turn my focus on making the world a happier place” is the key quote here. Pat is a genuine guy that is FOR REAL just trying to have fun with his boys and spread joy. I appreciate the hell out of that because he has no agenda, which is SUPER RARE in the sports media world today. Everybody should try and spread good vibes like Pat does and the world would be a much better place.

Anyway, congrats to Pat and his team on their FanDuel deal, they fucking deserve it. Be nice to someone today. It’s not as hard as you think.


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