The past two nights I’ve watched Back to School, Easy Money, and my favorite movie, Caddyshack. All of which star comedic legend Rodney Dangerfield, and let me say, he’s so damn funny.

The absolute king of self-deprecation, but not in the embarrassing, woe is me kind of self-deprecating way. Imagine if he had the knowledge of the “simp” back in his day? He would’ve had endless material. Dangerfield was a salt of the Earth kind of guy, and if he had been in the game longer, he would be even bigger. I’m talking Chris Farley kind of big.

If you only know him form¬†Caddyshack,¬†please update yourself on comedic history. Watch his other movies (Back to School, and Easy Money specifically), and some of his stand-up. If don’t, you got no respect.