The Tiger King wave feels like it happened in 1995, but nonetheless, I’m enthralled with the notion of owning an exotic, wild animal as a house pet. I love seeing videos of Middle Eastern princes playing with tigers and what not, it’s must watch entertainment. However, is it cool? Or does it make you a weirdo?

Shaq's 34th "Scarface" Birthday Party - Arrivals

My interest in this blog stemmed from seeing a picture of this Russian Red Fox. I mean that’s a gorgeous animal. Apparently Russian mobsters and ex-KGB big shots have these as pets. That’s some only something the Russians would do. I love it. RR Fox

Owning a big cat is a heavy flex as well.  Having a pet tiger, lion, cheetah, jaguar, you name it, is a play strictly reserved for big ballers.

Owning anything reptilian or amphibious makes my skin crawl. Snake people can’t be trusted. They own an animal that can literal fuck itself to reproduce… they cannot be trusted. Also add any insect like spiders (yes I know they aren’t insects technically, but they are for this blogs purpose) and scorpions to the Weirdo List. Not a fan of exotic birds either, I think parrots and what not are cool, but not worth spending big time money on.

I’ll never have the gall or the funds, most likely, to ever purchase one of these wild beauties as a house pet. However if I ever do stumble upon said balls and cash, here is my top 5 of exotic animals.

  1. Tiger
  2. Black Panther
  3. Lemur
  4. Snow Leopard
  5. Sharks