Every once in awhile, you’ll find someone or something that makes you want to get off your ass and finally use some of the creative talents and the vivid imaginations that we all have.

There are clumps and clusters of inspiration around us everywhere, through music, through film, and even through modern pretentious art. The shit that makes you envision a world in which you escape your societal shackles, you quit your boring job to become the next Tarantino, to sculpt like Rodin or to paint like Van Gogh but with two ears.

This is of course before you release you have a one millionth of the talent, artistic vision, and intensive work ethic that these people do, but it’s still nice to think about.¬†¬†Those artists had success because they illicit emotion. They bring out feelings inside yourself that you never knew existed. They make you feel something. I once looked at a painting and realized that tomatoes weren’t all that bad.

I’ve most recently had this artistic euphoria, this explosion of creative juices when I saw this clip of improv dj- Marc Rebillet.

You have to watch this clip right now.

Absolute craziness. I’ve decided Rebillet is the poet laureate of our generation. He’s recently been collecting millions of views and tons of people tuning into his live concerts over quarantine.

What’s even more impressive is that he does all this shit on the spot.

He literally makes these beats in front of us, adds vocals, and just goes off the top of the dome. He went on Sway in the morning, the battleground for freestyles and the place to prove yourself for rappers. Safe to say he killed it.

The dude is just out there having fun. A mixture of incredible talent, some hidden genius, and an absolutely hilarious wondering mind creates something you’ve truly never heard before. He does live concerts in the same fashion, and while the idea of being crammed in an EDM concert post college may incite some anxiety, shame, or claustrophobia- he looks like a must-see.

He also rocks the shit out of a Kimono.

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