Did I do it again or did I do it again? With the help of our friends at Sleefs and Pointsbet (so bach) we’re proud to announce that tonight at about 8pm all of your favorite pals from the Basement will be going live to drink, break down the fights, and most importantly provide the people with winners as is tradition. There’s even blumors of a pong tournament with lines for the people to get involved at home. What other chance are you gonna have in life to fade a crippled 24 year old playing beer pong against fresh faced college seniors? Appointment viewing in my humble opinion.

Now if that isn’t enough to reel you I don’t know what to tell you. Oh, you clicked the link because it had free shit in the headline you say? Well A) that’s very selfish of you and B) Don’t worry, we’re getting to the free shit.

Here’s how it’s gonna work, you’re gonna just circle every fighter you think is gonna win on the graphic below. Simple enough right? Then, you’re gonna tweet your card and make sure you tag @harry__mac and @bookiesbasement and are following both. Include the hashtag #BoozinnBruisin and bang, you’re entered to win $25 and a free Bookie’s Basement T-shirt (quite handsome if I do say so myself).

ufc promoScreen Shot 2020-07-15 at 1.06.38 AM

So there you have it. Winners and free shit, what more could I possibly offer you people? We’ll be sure to update throughout the day but right now the plan is to go live from The Basement Twitch Stream right around 8pm. Good luck to all and we’ll see you later.