We all know we are living in crazy times. From Covid, to George Floyd, to rising unemployment, and being stuck inside all day, things are just all over the place. Thankfully for us, an NBA Billionaire owner and a powerful Texas Senator are working together to help further positive progress… O wait never mind, they are bitching over Twitter.

And here we go…

Teddy Cruz has entered the chat
Grow some balls is a timeless burn
O boy, here comes the China talk

THIS LEAGUE!!! I love it when two heavy hitters from various industries go to battle, especially if it’s on the Twitter battlefield. This time it’s between Mark “The Cube” Cuban facing off against Ted “Almost the Republican nominee” Cruz. What a barn burner for the state of Texas, and the world to watch.

If I’m taking a side here (I really don’t care but ya gotta take sides if you’re American, lol), I’m going with Team Cuban. I couldn’t care less if people stand for the anthem or not. You don’t stand for it when you are on the couch watching the game on TV. Realistically, we’ll all hear the anthem less than 7 times a year (in person, not counting TV) I’d guess, so I’m indifferent. Also, Ted Cruz is a big dork. In terms of China talk, I’ll refrain from that cause like my guy Cuban said, “we don’t speak about foreign affairs”.

In the mean time for you non-NBA owners and non-state senators, try to listen, and love each other a bit more.