After what seems like 5 years (only 2.5 years) of only being known as NHL Seattle, Seattle has finally landed on the Kraken as the new name for it’s NHL team, and I love it for Seattle, the NHL, and for the game of hockey.


Myself, like many, wanted the team to be called the Washington Whalers in honor of the Hartford Whalers. Also bringing those jerseys back to life, and away from the Carolina Hurricanes, would be great for the NHL.

However, I think the Kraken is even better. Not shocked they landed on this name though. It was the clear cut favorite Kraken, or the Emeralds, Sockeyes, Totems, or Metropolitans. Regardless of the name, it’ll be great for Seattle to become a place where hockey can grow, have a positive impact on city, and unite a community that loves hockey.

Seattle starts play in 2021, and will look to have some of the same magic that Vegas had in their inaugural season in the NHL.