The past few days have been hit or miss for unveiling new professional sports franchise names and logos. Yesterday was a great day thanks to NHL Seattle announcing that they’d be the Seattle Kraken, which is the one of the coolest names in all of pro sports. However, what happened on Wednesday by my other favorite league, the MLS, made me sick. The newest MLS team is simply Charlotte FC.

The generic name is one thing. I mean there are plenty of teams with just the name “FC” like Toronto FC, FC Dallas, FC Cincinnati, etc. So on the name part alone, it’s whatever. But the logo is where I draw the line. It looks like it was downloaded straight out of Clip Art circa 2010.


Gotta have a little more creativity and originality. I understand that less is more, but at least show me some effort here Charlotte.

If any new MLS franchises (Sacramento, St. Louis, Phoenix, etc) want me to give you the brand of a lifetime, please don’t hesitate to ask. I do however work on retainer, this brain ain’t free.