Boy, do I have a treat for you friend. Ross and myself were lucky enough to sit down and interview (rightful) CFFC Featherweight Champion James Gonzalez. I could bore you with all the details but I know you’re not here to read (PU!). Instead I’ll just let you know that below the video of the interview I’ve included a bunch of the fights we discuss so you can follow along and see just how dominant James can be for yourself.


If you want to listen to the full pod with a quick recap of the Brunson card and some parting thoughts from Ross and I or you’re just a friendly fella who wants to give your pals a click you can find the full podcast on Soundcloud as always.

Again, Ross and I have been broken records all weekend but a huge thank you to James for joining us and shooting the shit.  Now, you all have a job to do! First off, be sure to follow James @jitsujames on Instagram. Second off, tweet at that bitch Ricky Simon and let him know he’s got a hell of a fight if he isn’t too big a coward to accept it. Third and last (I promise) let Scott Haydak know how you feel about CFFC treating our pal this way because I for one am disgusted and boy do I intend to express it.

Thank you all for tuning in, hopefully we’ll have a lot more content like this coming down the pipe. You can find some of James’ fights below with a bunch more on UFC Fight Pass.

Sabatini v. Gonzalez, CFFC 145lb Championship

I can’t post the whole fight without getting fucked by the long dick of the law (read, Dana White) but that’s about it anyway.

Gonzalez v. Paulie the Italian, 145lb debut

Bourne v. Gonzalez ACC 155lb Championship

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