Just when I thought today couldn’t get any better with our interview dropping, the football gods decided to smile upon me.

Like a modern Samoan Lazarus, The Rock has reached into the grave and pulled the XFL’s lifeless corpse bach into the realm of the living. And I don’t know about you, but 15 million feels like an absolute bargain to me. Vince and the WWE poured somewhere around $300m into this iteration of the XFL and while they may have axed all of their employees, all of that IP and infrastructure now belongs to The Rock and Redbird Capital.

Hopefully this means we get XFL football sooner than later although as a betting man I’d say Spring 2022 is probably the goal right now. And if you’re like that fucking dweeb loser Rovell and basked in the XFL getting killed by a pandemic know you are absolutely not welcome bach on board and you are not welcome to any of the winners I will post. As a matter of fact please make yourselves known to me @Harry__Mac on twitter so I can swiftly block you for being such a stupid idiot.