It’s been one year since I joined The Bookies Basement, and I can’t believe I’m still doing this. But I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Sorry if this isn’t a Fade Board, NHL pick segment, or a This Day in History piece, This is Barnes, Buckets, Barney Big Shot, Barney Dates, or whatever name you’ve known me as, has on the brain at this particular moment in time.

As someone who changed majors twice, changed minors twice, and changes his mind about just about everything, it’s been great having something I can say I truly don’t want to change. That change I don’t want to give up is writing.

I know I’m not a great writer. I’d much rather sit down with you, have a beer, and tell stories verbally. I know there are typos galore in my early work, but through feedback (both positive and negative), I’ve tried to grow and get better.

Since this day last year, I’ve written 125 blogs. Some of which have gotten a few thousand views, while others have gotten a record breaking low view count of only 4. The numbers aren’t what matters, cause it’s the about the process. I couldn’t have continued the process without people like you giving this sports nut your support.

Whether your passion is writing, drawling, doing service work, or anything else, don’t give up on that passion, or be to afraid to start. People may laugh and say things behind your back, but fuck those people. Put your head down and grind.

To many more blogs to come, with love, your friend, Barnes