You remember I told you I was going to wait to blog about the Flyers until we find out who their opening opponent is ?

Yeah well that was a lie. How can I not mention the Flyers at a time when they are dominating the best teams that the Eastern Conference has to offer?

I called into Davon Gibbons on 97.5 The Fanatic this past Tuesday to talk about the Flyers amidst a wave of angry Sixers callers, and had to preach the Flyers Gospel through the airways of Philly. I talked about how the keys to us winning a Cup are production from the 2nd D-Line of Sanheim/Myers, and that Brian Elliot needs to play like the veteran he is when Hart is not in net. Long and behold, those two things have come to fruition in the first two games.

We bullied Boston in Game 1, and even though they didn’t have Raask in net, I don’t think it matters. We were the better team against Boston, and followed it up with another massive win against the Capitals.

Let’s give a massive shout out to the back-up tendy Brian Elliot who stood on his head the other day against a star-studded Washington team. In prior years, those were the kind of games where our back-up netminder would’ve pissed down his leg and let us down. Not Moose, not that savy veteran between the pipes.

We play Tampa today to see who gets the #1 seed, but the worst we can do is the #2 seed. The people who say that winning these round robin seeding games don’t matter are dummies. Yeah you don’t want to look too deep into those games, but it sets the tone for when these teams will meet later on in the playoffs. As these playoffs go on, you don’t want to run into the Broad Street Bullies unless you want to leave the bubble.

Philly, the Orange & Black are the city’s brightest chance of delivering a championship in these pandemic times. Hop on the bandwagon while seating is good.