It’s taken me most of today to come to terms with last nights crushing loss to Portland. Although it’s easy to say we should have at least gone to extra time if we had converted on a missed penalty kick, I can only look back on their MLS is Back Tournament run with nothing but joy, happiness, and hope for the future of the People’s Club. 

The Union had +3500 odds to win the Cup, which was at the bottom third in terms of odds. Vegas gave us no chance, ESPN/FS1 commentators rode us off from the jump in the Group Stage, and the league rode us off. Even after rattling off impressive wins in the Group Stage and the Knockout Round, we were underdogs in the quarterfinals. So what did we do? O that’s right, we put an absolute beat-down on Sporting KC!

We played above our means, and now our means have been elevated to an extreme level thanks to our homegrown 19 year old savior, Brenden Aaronson.

This kid won’t be with us long unfortunately. I don’t mean he’ll go to another MLS club, but the south Jersey native has a strong chance to go across the pond to Europe to play, which is every soccer players end goal. So lets revel in his young glory now, and savor the days we have with the baby Jesus. An angel sent from south Jersey to bless us with beautiful soccer on the Chester waterfront. 

Until next season, which should be starting sooner than we expect, we wait in hopes that the Union can bring soccer glory to Philadelphia. A city who’s produced stars like Manchester City’s Zack Steffen and Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic (he played for PA Classics who’ve I’ve played plenty of times, so yes he’s a Philly kid), now has another in the making in Brenden Aaronson. The young man has pressure weighing on him more after the dominance he showed in Orlando, but he’s got strong young legs to carry the soccer hopes and dreams of a city desperate for a champion. 

As always, kick it easy mates. DOOP