What a comeback by the Leafs to tie the series up.

Down 3-0 in a do-or-die game game against a gritty, less talented Columbus Blue Jackets squad, the Leafs battled back to tie the series at 2-2. This team is maddening to watch.

A team with stars like Matthews, Tavares, and Marner but still can’t live up to expectations… huh, reminds me of another team I watch night in and night out. That other team is the Philadelphia 76ers.

Both teams are stacked with talent. Philly has Embiid, Simmons, Harris, etc. Toronto has Matthews, Tavares Marner, and Nylander. However, despite all the talent, both teams just don’t do enough for their cities.

These teams are the hot girl that are gonna crush your hopes and dreams before you even get them to say “I love you”. They are hot messes, but as an irrational fan that only sees the upside, we chase them anyway.

Regardless of what happens this season for both teams, their fans will bitch, and the team will let them all down. Maybe next year fellas.