^No, that picture is not of me. 

Bored? Looking to get smoked and laugh? Or just laugh? Look no further, here are my favorite pieces of content on the internet right now that you might not have seen.

The Bad Friends Podcast

Start on episode one and watch on YouTube. Trust me. It’s the most binge-worthy podcast I’ve ever watched (?). Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino walk and jump over the line often and it’s hysterical. No holding back. No boundaries. Give it a watch and you’ll crack the fuck up. Shoutout my boy MBC for turning me onto this a couple months back.

Anything Andrew Schulz

If you enjoy and appreciate standup comedy, watch The Crowd Work Special. The entire thing is off the dome and brilliant, while only lasting 30 minutes to keep your attention span in check. Second, peep his weekly YouTube videos that are better than any monologue SNL has ever put together. Seriously. He’s producing some of the funniest, wittiest, and intelligent content I’ve ever seen. Worth a look for sure.

William Montgomery On Kill Tony

William Montgomery. Remember that name. That large-goofy-country-ginger-looking-genius is going to be GIGANTIC one day. If you’ve never heard of Kill Tony, it’s a live podcast which gives open mic comedians a shot to do standup in front of a gigantic audience. Some bomb, but some leave an impression like William and become regulars on the show, and then go on to be famous comedians. It’s an interesting concept.

Anyway, William’s comedy is different. Not everyone will like it, but if you do find it funny you will laugh your ass off. If you want more William recs hit me up, but for now start with his Kill Tony sets.

Mark Normand Standup Special

More standup and I’m not sorry about it. Mark Normand CRUSHES this special. His pace is unreal and every joke is a zinger. Like Schulz, Normand is a comic out of New York and starting to get really big, so hop on the train now. This made me crack up continuously for 50 minutes straight.

Honorabel Mentions:

Nelk – YouTube Vlogs. Longer than their Instagram pranks and gives you an inside look on how they actually make a living booling around the country messing with people.

Euphoria – HBO GO/Max/Whatever the fuck it’s called. One of the most binge-able TV series I’ve ever watched. Season 2 should be out soon.

New Series I Haven’t Watched Through Yet:

Love On The Spectrum – This new Netflix series documents people in England that are on the spectrum and looking for love. Wild concept, but I watched the first 20 minutes of episode 1 and loved it. It’ll touch your heart and make you crack up.

General Recs From The Basement

B’s, @brandonburnam on Twitter, recommended The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. Apparently it’s super binge-able. Going to have to give it a look.

The Bullet, @ross_bullet on Twitter, recommended Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo. The only catch, you have to rent it, but apparently it’s very worth the $5.

P.S. If you’re into standup hit me up on Twitter @TheMookieBets, I have a lot more recs where that came from.