I LOVE the NHL Draft Lottery.

Yeah it definitely screwed over the Red Wings and the Senators. Mostly the Red Wings. Detroit needed Lafreniere like crazy. They were essentially an AHL team with a handful of NHL guys in the mix this past season.

Before I get into who’s gonna get the #1 pick, I want to show you who the #1 pick will be. His name is Alex Lafreniere, and he MAYBE the next big thing. Kid is nasty.

Lafreniere finished with 112 points (35 goals and 77 assists) in just 52 games in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and notched 10 points (four goals and six assists) in five games for Canada as the MVP of the World Junior Championship. Uhhh is that good?

Ok so this kid is a stud. He’s the clear #1 pick, and to top it off he gets to go to a team that doesn’t have history of being hot garbage. The teams who all have a 12% chance of getting the one pick are the Edmonton Oilers, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs and Winnipeg Jets. I’m going to paint the picture on how crazy it’ll be once we find out who gets the pick at 6 PM tonight. 

Edmonton Oilers

This would be bananas if Edmonton get to add Lafreniere to their arsenal that already has the next GOAT in Connor McDavid, and Leon Draisaitl, who’s the top scorer in the league. Edmonton will explode if this happens. 

Florida Panthers

Florida has some good pieces, but it’s Florida. Maybe he could turn Miami into a serious hockey market down the line, but it’d be for the best if he didn’t take his talents to South Beach. 

Minnesota Wild 

Absolute last place I want to see this kid end up is Minnesota. Great fanbase, great hockey state, but the Wild are so boring. Maybe he can change their culture, but it’d be a waste if he landed on the Wild. 

Nashville Predators

Nashville would be a great fit for Lafreniere, and would instantly elevate them to a serious contender in the West if he pans out. They are deep, good defensively, and are one piece away from being an elite team.

New York Rangers

As a Flyers fan, this can’t happen. Him and Panarin would be an offensive nightmare to deal with. 

Pittsburgh Penguins

You know how I started the blog by saying I love the lottery? If the Pens get the #1 pick, I will HATE the lottery. I’d also have to launch an investigation on Gary Bettman for collusion. Malkin, Crosby, and Lafreniere would be down right unfair.

Toronto Maple Leafs

I need Lafreniere to Toronto. Give them another additional offensive superstar even though they don’t need/deserve it. Especially after their unexpected 1st Round loss. He’d also be a huge problem in terms of the teams salary cap in the future. But regardless of that, I want him in Toronto.

Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg is a slightly better landing spot than Minnesota. Not great for the league if he goes to the middle of nowhere to play. 


I love the drama of a lottery, and I’m ready to cry, scream with joy, or be extremely indifferent depending upon who gets the first pick. 6 PM will decide that fate, and it will also decide whose franchise gets changed forever.