With an embarrassingly bad play-in round record of 1 win and many losses, we move our attention to the real playoffs. No more play-in games and guys dogging it (not that many were). It’s now time for some real playoff hockey. We kick it off with the Eastern Conference, lets roll.

Boston Bruins v. Carolina Hurricanes

Rematch of last years Eastern Conference Finals. An ECF that ended in a Boston sweep. Boston looked sluggish in their round-robin games, while Carolina steam rolled the Rangers. I think this series will go to 7 games, and I’m taking the Hurricanes in an upset. Hurricanes Series Price +145.

Columbus Blue Jackets v. Tampa Bay Lightning

HOLY COW, what a series this will be. If you don’t remember, CBJ swept the Lighting, who were the best regular season team of all time, last year in the opening round of the playoffs. CBJ already had their big playoff upset this year by beating Toronto, and there’s no way this Tampa team drops back-to-back series against Columbus. Tampa is -230, which isn’t appealing enough for me, but I may take Tampa in 6.

Montreal Canadiens v. Philadelphia Flyers

My Flyers are a certified wagon. They rolled Boston, Washington, and Tampa in the round-robin. Take that for what it’s worth, but that’s better than being Boston who now has to play a dangerous Carolina team. Montreal gritted it out against Pittsburgh, but they aren’t an offensive team. Flyers are too explosive and deep to lose to Montreal. Flyers are -235, but I’m taking them in 5 games.

New York Islanders v. Washington Capitals

Barry Trotz facing off against his old club… I think I smell another upset. I know John Carlson didn’t play during the round-robin, but I think Trotz is the one guy who can stop the Capitals. Even though the Islanders play a very boring, defensive style of hockey, I’m riding with them to pull of the upset. Islanders in an ugly 7 game series. Islanders Series Price +125