*Check out my picks for the Eastern Conference as well

Some interesting match-ups in the West. A conference that in my opinion is the weaker of the two conferences, but nonetheless, we are in for some entertaining late night hockey.

Arizona Coyotes v. Colorado Avalanche

The ‘Yotes are my squad out West, but they had their shining moment in the sun by beating Nashville. I also have a decent amount of chedda on Colorado winning the West, and winning the Cup if the Flyers don’t. Avalanche are too deep, and too talented. Their series price isĀ  -290, so take them in 5, maybe 6 games.

Calgary Flames v. Dallas Stars

This is gonna be the best series in the West. The series is essentially a pick em, which makes gambling on it even more fun. This is a 7 game kind of match-up. I’m taking the star power of Dallas over the Flames (sorry for the shitty pun) at a series price of -115.

Chicago Blackhawks v. Vegas Golden Knights

I doubted Chicago last series against Edmonton, and they shoved it up my hoop. They didn’t look great defensively, but they showed up on the offensive end. This series though, they are playing a team who believes in playing defense unlike the Oilers. To say that Vegas is the heavy favorite is an understatement (-330). Vegas in 5, especially after they stupidly traded Robin Lehner to Vegas. The Panda will get his revenge.

St. Louis Blues v. Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver is extremely fun to watch. Very fluid offensive game to them, but how can you bet against St. Louis? It’ll be a 6 game series. St. Louis shouldn’t face any real trouble. Blues series price is -205, but I’l take them in 6.