Baseball is a hard sport. The objective is to hit a ball traveling at 90-100 mph with a big wood stick so that your team can score more runs than the other team. If you bat .300, you got a good chance at becoming a Hall of Famer. However, despite baseball being hard, it ain’t rocket science.

The Philadelphia Phillies however aren’t aware of that fact, because last night they knew more about space travel and rockets than they did about playing defense.

That was to blow a huge lead and send the game to extras. We aren’t done yet though, that was just the first kick in the nuts. Two innings later, Roman Quinn forgot how to play center field, or thought he was Mike Trout instead of himself.

Not one, but two egregious defensive plays in a matter of two innings costed the Phillies a win. This was after our bullpen blew a 3-run league.

Our bullpen ERA is 10.22 (worst in the league, worst ERA in Phillies history), and now we just forget how to play defense? Is this another Fultz situation where Philadelphia athletes forget how to do the tasks that got them to where they are today?

If there is one small glimmer of light at the end of this death-tunnel, it’s that the Phillies can hit the baseball. Harper is a machine, JT is a beast, and my old neighbor Phil “Barrels” Gosselin is showing everyone why East Goshen Township in West Chester, PA produces ball players (and big time Bookies Basement bloggers).

The Phillies stink, the Sixers are hot garbage, but at least we have our Flyers.