I’m not going to bag on Raheem Sterling anymore than I already have, cause he sorta lost me some money today.

Yikes. That one will haunt him FOREVER. He’ll be 65 and still waking up in the middle of the night, profusely sweating and in a panic thinking about this tap in he put over the net. Just a complete brain far, a brain fart that has me wondering a big question. Is it time for Raheem Sterling to take his talents to the MLS???

After a European disaster, it’s only natural to come and flee to America for opportunity. We saw this with the Pilgrims, those who came to Ellis Island (great elementary school field trip), and the many European stars like Beckham, Ibrahimovic, and Rooney.

I think it’s time for Raheem Sterling to pack his bags, grab his passport, and take a private flight to Chester, Pennsylvania to meet KD to get the deal done. Philly hasn’t had one of these European superstars come to our city, but now it’s time.

Call me if you need anything KD, and welcome to Philly, Raheem. We won’t shit-talk you like Manchester is doing right now. Philly doesn’t do that to our guys, I promise.