Yesterday wasn’t pretty. The Flyers, who looked great in Game 1, dropped an absolute stinker in a 5-0 loss to Montreal. We got down early, rolled over, and got our bellies rubbed like puppies by the Canadiens. We missed chances, couldn’t capitalize on a 5-3 PP, and looked sedated defensively.

However, it’s not time to hit the panic button, but time to hit the reset button.

Philadelphians have been gorging themselves in the Flyers kool-aid as of late, especially with the Sixers and Phillies being hot garbage. I loved it. It’s been great hearing Flyers talk in Wawa’s and on the radio, but we have to realize that this team will lose some hockey games.

I’m glad out first loss in the restarted season was a complete ass-whooping. That’s better in my opinion than playing well and suffering a close, heartbreaking loss. They know they dropped a stinker, and so does Montreal. Montreal knows they aren’t going to catch a break like that again. The Flyers aren’t used to losing as of late, so expect a big rebound from the Broad Street Bullies on Sunday.

Like I said, Flyers in 5.