First off, how about the boys welcoming Oscar back to practice today?

I’m not crying, you’re crying. Just kidding, I was in fact crying. That video gave me goosebumps. The kind of goosebumps that had me shooting pucks into my driveway thinking I was a Flyer, despite the fact that I don’t even play in a men’s league. OL is always going to give the boys an emotional bump.

Ok now to the Game 3 recap.

Playoff hockey isn’t always pretty. As a matter a fact, it’s normally really ugly. You win games by capitalizing on mistakes, and hopefully not having your mistakes cost you.

The Flyers won Game 3 in an ugly display. We were 0-6 on the power play, and our last 3 power plays registered a whopping ZERO shots on goal. Normally if a team goes 0-6 on the PP and can’t get shots on net, that team gets their shit kicked in.

Not the Flyers though. OOO no. The Flyers took the early lead, and hunkered down defensively. They knew the puck wasn’t bouncing their way, so they ate shots from the point, won loose pucks on the half-walls, and gave their goalie the confidence needed to make the big saves when it counted.

The offense will come together at some point, but when it’s not there, you need those kind of grunt work efforts to win games. The Flyers aren’t afraid to do those dirty things needed to secure W’s, and I love it. That’s what wearing the Orange & Black is all about.

Everyone who expects the Flyers to beat up on teams like we did in the Round-Robin needs to wake up from Fairyland. This is playoff hockey, it’s not easy. Championship rings don’t go on smooth fingers, and the Flyers are blue collar workers getting their hands mangled in playoff hockey. Philly is here, we aren’t going anywhere, and you don’t want to see the Orange & Black if you’re in the country of Canada.