I’m baaaaackkk. The Basement’s resident country music guy/your savior has returned with five more rising artists that you need to get hip to before the hype train leaves the station. The transition from summer to fall is my personal favorite time for country music. Still hot enough to enjoy it outside by the water during the day, but cool enough at night to have a nice, chill time next to a bonfire.

If you unfortunately missed the first installment of this series, don’t you worry because I am always one step ahead, and you can find that page right here.

This is your reminder to grow up and get Spotify now, because all of the links in this blog will be to there. If not, just at least remember these guys’ names and carry on to your inferior streaming service.

Larry Fleet

If you take anything away from this blog, it’s my man Larry. I stumbled upon this guy earlier this summer and instantly fell in love. His style of music falls somewhere in between a perfect mix of Chris Stapleton and Zac Brown, which is a recipe for a lot of success. His new single, “Where I Find God”, which came out in April, is actually one of the best country songs I’ve ever heard. Fleet was put on the scene by country mega-star Jake Owen, who heard Fleet’s song “Lied About Love” and essentially forced his record label to sign him. This dude has hits only, and they range from great love songs like “Baby, You Do” to classic up-tempo anthems like “Somethin’ Cold, Somewhere Hot”. Only one of his songs has over 1 million streams on Spotify, so he is the truest definition of a hidden gem. Seriously, I already got the click so you can stop reading now if you want and just go listen to him.

Parker McCollum

A fairly more well-known name, McCollum’s hit “Pretty Heart” has been circling the top of the country charts for weeks and for great reason. The Houston native has a real Texas feel to his music which makes it sound very authentic. His songs “I Can’t Breathe” and “Hell of a Year” each have over 20 million streams on Spotify so he’s gaining some pretty solid traction. He’s released two singles (“Like A Cowboy” and “Young Man’s Blues”) in the past couple months, which makes it seem like an album could be on the near horizon and that wold be something I’d enjoy very much.

Zach Bryan

Any fans of Tyler Childers will really enjoy Zach Bryan (not to be confused with Luke) as they sound very similar. He has a super unique voice and his music is reallyyy country but that’s something I like and hope you will too after listening. Bryan grew up in small-town Oklahoma and released his first album “DeAnn” in 2019 as a full-time enlisted member of the US Navy and has since gained a ton of attention in the world of country/folk music. His 2020 album titled “Elisabeth” is truly a work of art, with “Heading South” and “From a Lover’s Point of View” are my two personal favorites. Do yourself a favor and check him out.

Noah Schnacky

A former child actor (he had a cameo as Robin’s son on HIMYM) who now is super famous on TikTok, this 23-year old from Minnesota has taken a very interesting route to country music popularity, but man his songs are good. Definitely more pop-country than the first three guys, his music definitely falls into the more modern country phase. His self-titled EP came out about a month ago and I’ve been listening through it since then. His older singles “Hello Beautiful” and “Maybe We Will” put him on the map for sure, with each having over 20 million streams on Spotify, but this album tells me he’s here to stay. “Comeback” and “Meet the Man” are my favorites, but really all of them are good. I could see him making a Thomas Rhett or Kane Brown trasition to pretty much straight pop music, so let’s cherish this one while we can.

Pecos & The Rooftops

A group of five friends that met in Lubbock, TX while attending college, this band is still quite small relative to the others mentioned, but I really like where they’re going. A really new group, they only have seven songs in their discography, and only break 1 million streams on one song. Lead singer Pecos Hurley has a true deep country voice that really expresses his Texas roots. Their debut single “This Damn Song”, released in 2019 is my favorite of the bunch, but their entire Red Eye EP from this year is great too. Fair warning, all their songs outside of “Yesteryear” (slaps) are slow heartbreak songs, so maybe wait until you’re in that mood before listening.

If I missed anyone you want me to check out, I’m always looking for new music so please hit me up on Twitter.

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