This was inspired by my guy Carl from Barstool’s blog about grysos deserving more love.

I agree with Carl whole-heartedly. Gyros are versatile, and a great change-up from the traditional cheesesteak, or Italian sandwich (chicken parm & Italian sub). However, this blog isn’t to praise food, it’s to expose a meal that has skated by for too long without a call out. That meal is sushi, the most overrated food on Gods green Earth.

sushi overrated

How do people like this? A sliver of raw fish, some cold sushi rice, and sometimes other toppings/sauces for $10+…. And for those reasons, I’m out.

Let me start off by saying I love fish. All kinds by the way, not just your everyday run of the mill fried fish or grilled salmon. Ceviche (another raw fish meal) is heavenly in the mouth, but sushi doesn’t cut it for me.

For starters I never get enough fish in a roll. The sushi creators love to skimp people on the good stuff, and decide to only give us mounds of rice and seaweed jerky, better known as nori.

All the sushi-stans I know are telling me I’m going to the wrong places… Um pardon? Where am I supposed to go to get good sushi besides seafood/sushi places? I’ve been to every place possible besides the birthplace of sushi to try it. Am I going to have to board a first-class flight to Japan to finally see if someone can sell me on the redeemable qualities that sushi allegedly has? Not in these crazy times.

Sushi-stans can judge me all they want from their ivory towers, but I’ll stick to real food. 

Sushi as a meme: