Cue the music baby!

This isn’t the Champions League Final that we deserved, but it’s the one we needed. New Money PSG v.s. blue-blood Bayern in what looks to be a goalfest.

I know I’ve given out some locks from time-to-time, but to think Bayern ML isn’t the pick of a lifetime is bonkers. Bayern may win by 2, maybe 3 goals, so bet your sweet ass I’m taking them on the money line at -105. They call that free money in the streets.

“But Uncle Barnes, PSG has Neymar and MbappĂ©. They’ll give Bayern a game.” – The Haters.

Wrong. Bayern aren’t worried about this collection of selfish superstars from Paris. I also think Naymar is washed and waiting to make his arrival to Inter Miami of the MLS.

All of my equity is on Bayern, and ya know Barney Bundesliga is taking the Bayern train to Moneyburg.



Bayern ML -105