How is it going my fellow degenerates? I would like to announce that I have officially taken my talents from absolutely nowhere, to “The Bookies Basement.” It was a long road, but I ultimately decided this was the best decision for me at the time, and for Hofstra who makes you do a journalism internship before you can graduate. I will not only be the best, but I am 95% sure I will also be the only intern for “The Bookies Basement” this upcoming fall/winter, and boy am I excited.

So, let us get to a little about me. My name is Tyler Fields. I am a 23-year-old senior at Hofstra University studying sports journalism. I watch and gamble on every sport except for Soccer because who cares about Soccer? OK, that is not completely true, I gamble heavily on the world cup every 4 years but other than that, no shot. My two favorite teams are the Baltimore Ravens and New York Mets with the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Islanders, and The Georgia Football Bulldogs coming in far behind. I play Golf and Tennis, and also thoroughly enjoy watching and betting on both sports which many judge me for. But those are also the same people who claim, “watching baseball is like watching paint dry” which to who I say, go kick rocks. I mainly blog my golf and football picks for the week because there are way too many Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball games to blog about each day. Last but not least, I just want everyone to know in advance that I will go to the war for and argue with anyone who talks shit about Lamar Jackson.