Let me preface this blog that I don’t want to trade Ben. I think him, Joel Embiid, and a third piece that isn’t named Tobias Harris are the pieces needed to win a title. Brett Brown getting the axe is step in the right direction, but this organization is flawed for years to come regardless of who succeeds Brett.

Elton Brand has created a team built for the 1980’s.  A team with no shooter, two big men who can’t play together, and atrocious guard play. We are stuck with Ben Simmons for at least the next couple of years, unless we make a trade. As much as I want to keep Ben, there are some trades I’d definitely be pushing if I was Elton Brand.

Devin Booker

Obviously the Suns would never deal Booker, especially after he snapped in the Bubble, but this is a dream trade. Embiid on the inside, Tobias on the Wing, and DBook at the point would be a problem. Sadly there’s no way Phoenix will give us the guy who’s crushin’ Ben Simmons ex Kendall Jenner. Also, him and Embiid would maybe be the best duo in the league. Up there with Bron & AD.

dbook embiid

Jamal Murray

I LOVE JAMAL MURRAY. I think I’d take him over Booker, even though that definitely isn’t the right choice. I just envision him and Embiid playing an unguardable two-man game. They’d be the #2 tandem in the East behind Kyrie & KD, no debate.

embiid murray

Bradley Beal

This one I’m not super-high on, but it’d be something I’d consider depending on what else Washington (or a 3rd team in the deal) could add in addition to just Beal. He’s not gonna be a primary ball handler, but he’d be a crucial kickout partner with Embiid.

76ers Wizards Basketball

Again, I don’t want to deal Ben, but in this crazy world like in life; if you love something let it go. Maybe we have to let Ben go, I don’t know. I’m hurt, I’m confused, and I hope the Sixers can figure it out.