I live for correct spelling despite the numerous typos that riddle my blogs. Spelling and grammar are two things ya guy Barney Buckets doesn’t budge on. So when I found out that the Islanders best player spells his name like a weirdo, I had to take to to the blogsphere.

Mathew Barzal is a stud. He’s fast, has great hands, and is the best offensive option the Islanders have… but he spells his name like a jerkoff. Only one “t” in Mathew? You serious with that? Your parents want you to be different or did they mix in a few too many Labatt Blue’s and simply forgot to slip that second “t” in?

Either way of how that bozo spells his name, and whether the Islanders play in Long Island or on Long Island, it doesn’t matter.

Flyers in 6, again.