My partner in content Harry Mac shared this tweet about an hour ago and it lit a fire under my ass.

At this time last year we had dropped a CFB Preview Pod, had Week 0 action between Miami and Florida, and we were prepping for the Holy War (8/29/2019) between Utah and BYU (Utah -6.5 was more free than oxygen).

This year is dicked for obvious reasons and it feels SO WEIRD but whatever, we move through it. Now, I am here to change that and deliver you the basic information (#MookieTrends coming soon) about who’s playing and when they’re playing for the upcoming season.

Who’s playing?

SEC – Thank god for the south. No non-conference games.

BIG 12 – Feed me all the overs. 1 non-conference game.

ACC – Clemson -28 every week or bust. 1 non-conference game.

AAC – Slept on conference, Temple and Memphis are always fun. Playing at least 8 conference games, but allowed to play 12 total. Talk about figuring it out on the fly.

Other notable conferences sticking around: Conference USA (Go UAB), and the Sun Belt (Go GA. Southern, shoutout @jmartenn on twitter)

When does it start?

SEC – 9/26 is the kickoff date for the SEC and we get some matchups. Hopefully I end up on the right side of Bo Nix this year that unit fucking mad man.

BIG 12 – 9/12 kicks off a SLATE of non-conference games. I cannot wait for Spencer Rattler to score 25 TD’s on Missouri State. Conference games start 9/26.

ACC – Non-conference kicks off 9/10 between Miami and UAB (also first game of NFL season between HOU and KC). Conference starts 9/12.

AAC – Out of conference starts 9/5 between Arkansas State and Memphis, and 9/19 kicks off their conference schedule.

I gotta get back to my day job so that’s all for now. Will report back with futures and maybe even a preview pod soon. I can’t wait to bet Memphis September 5th.

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