2nd Round of the Playoffs are upon us. By now we’ve watched so much hockey and seen so many jerseys, but which one is the best? There’s something about a NHL sweater in the playoffs that adds a little extra charm to the game. Ya never want to see a team with butt-ugly jerseys life the Cup, so who’s got the best sweater in the playoffs at the moment?

1. Boston Bruins Black Jersey

Any Original 6 jersey is automatically better than the rest of what the league has to offer. Maybe it’s history, or my warped perception, but the Original 6 truly have the best uni’s.

b's jersey

2. Philadelphia Flyers White Jersey

As classic as they come. The white pops, but doesn’t overpower that crisp Flyer orange. Truly a beautiful jersey.

flyers white

3. Vegas Golden Knights Grey Jersey

Not a ton of people are high on the dark grey sweaters, but I dig them.

vegas uni

4. Colorado Avalanche White Jersey

The blue and maroon paired with the white makes for a classic look. All-time jersey.

avs white unis

5. Anything Besides the Islanders Jerseys

Those things are hideous. Much like the Mets in the MLB , orange & blue only works if you’re Boise State.