Odell Beckham likes to be pooped on | IGN Boards

Many celebrities and athletes are getting “cancelled” during this social media age of airing grievances and exposing injustices.

Most of the time, it’s for the right reasons. It’s important for everyone to know that one of Hollywood’s biggest players is a vile, predatory rat who’s gotten away with terrible acts untouched because of his power and weight (he’s really fat) in the industry. It’s extremely powerful for people who have been wronged by prominent individuals to use our new plethora of communication platforms to share their experiences.

It’s not cool, however, to kink shame.

Sometimes, shit gets out that never should have been.

When I was scrolling through my timeline this morning, I never imagined that I would find out that NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. prefers to be defecated on during intercourse. In some ways, when you play for the Browns it’s almost assumed that you like to get pooped on occasionally. In other ways, I found it completely ridiculous that this news got out.

This chick went on the “No Jumper Podcast,” where rappers and internet personalities you never heard of and never wanted to conduct interviews with some tattooed pornstar/bmx enthusiast and completely exposed to the world Beckham’s dirtiest, deepest secret. All for a drop of clout?

It makes me long for the old days, when you could be into poop stuff and only that person involved and a few of their friends would know that you’re a weirdo. I know the old take as well about how when you’re a celebrity, you hand over your anonymity and your private freedoms, but for this lady to completely expose him like that was uncalled for. To think that I have to draft my fantasy team tonight and I have the #2 pick, it seems like I have to draft him now.

I am leading the brigade to #StopKinkShaming. #StopKinkShaming celebrities, #StopKinkShaming your friends, and most importantly, #StopKinkShaming yourself. Everybody enjoys off-colored things, maybe not to this nature, or maybe you think this is rookie behavior compared to your proclivities. The world of porn now is so perverted and twisted that even Freud would be shocked. Like the old saying goes, “Those who live in glass houses and watch weird porn should not throw stones,” or something like that.

It’s important to note that these are alleged claims, and also that according to this woman’s narrative, he did ask for consent for the act and sent not-so-subtle hints that this was his thing. Also, this could be 100 percent false. This could have never happened and this woman may have just thought, “what’s the most ridiculous thing I could say about a popular athlete that could go viral.” In that case, this could be a classic example of the girl who cried poop.