Senior year, the year everybody says will be the best year of your life besides after you graduate when they say your mid 20’s are best years of your life. I am in my senior year and I have been at school for a week now and let me tell you this is not a great start. Last year, there was an uproar from the senior class because they did not get to finish their senior year a normal way and I understand that because it probably sucked but I have a feeling the class of 2021 got the shaft even more. This is a year where we should be the most irresponsible and biggest degenerates we can be but instead of that we are asked by the school to be the most responsible people on campus, the script has been flipped. 

            Let’s start off with what it was like on move in day. The students arrived on campus and were greeted by local police, state police, and third-party security guards as they moved in to their dorms. This is obviously fine because they want to take all precautions with all the kids moving in and the people that are moving them in coming from all over the country. However, after move-in day, these authorities decided to stick around during the night and see where people are going to make sure there are no gatherings of 15 people and to make sure everyone is wearing a mask. They have tried telling people to leave a house that they all live in, they tried breaking up a friendly dinner between two friend groups, they are on their toes. I mean these guys are literally everywhere, and there is no getting passed them at night. It honestly feels like I am in a prison but it was not like I wasn’t warned before hand. The school sent out an email that said this is what school would be like days before move in.

“BUT, DIESEL WHAT ABOUT THE PANDEMIC GOING ON?”. Well, I got news for you, the pandemic is going to keep spreading regardless of what we do and schools have put together a plan that helps them deal with students who get the virus so why not let the students create their own bubble. Even if we test positive from the virus, nothing will change besides the fact that we can’t leave our house or dorm room for 10 days. Off-campus seniors aren’t even coming to campus anyways because almost every single class is online so there is no risk of spreading the virus on campus. This also brings up the point of online classes. Online classes are the dumbest thing alive. I don’t think a single person pays attention to them because guys are probably looking at gambling lines for the night and girls are probably online shopping. The number of stupid bets that I have placed because I am just staring at an offshore gambling website during zoom class is through the roof. Online classes are stupid, but I do have one class outside. Class outside was the dream in school as a kid, sunny day sitting on the grass as the teacher, who was probably high as a kite, taught a lesson plan that they didn’t care about. This class outside is much different. I showed up to this class and it was in a tent on a cold rainy day. I had to bring my own chair and sit there for two hours in a lawn chair with a computer on my lap as I could barely hear the teacher because he had a mask on and was mumbling. Some kids forgot to bring their chairs and were forced to sit on the concrete for two hours…bozos. 

Safe to say this is not a normal year for anyone ESPECIALLY college students. However, there are some pros to this whole situation even though there are a lot more cons. The first pro being that most test and quizzes are online. Everybody loves online tests and quizzes and seems to score higher on them, I have no idea why that is but I think it’s true. Another pro is that everyone looks 80% more attractive with a mask on. Take me for example, I wear a mask and it covers my double chin and only shows my glowing eyes. This could be the case for anyone, maybe you have shitty teeth, a massive nose, a butt chin, doesn’t matter your mask has you covered. The last pro I can think of is that this situation forces you inside with your roommates which at this point in time in college should be your closest friends. Yes, very soft of me to say but hanging out with the people you are closest with is definitely a good thing to happen. So, lets recap. College right now sucks regardless of what year you are and it does not look like it is going to get better anytime soon unless a vaccine comes out. Make the most of it instead of complaining like I did throughout this entire blog. Get all your complaints out and just sit back and wait for the good to come because it eventually will. Remember wear a mask because it makes you more attractive.  

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