Typically speaking, America’s biggest rival in soccer is Mexico. Those games are bananalands.

But this blog is about America’s second biggest rival, England.

England really is the nation that blown several of the the BIGGEST series lead of all-time. They blew a 13 colony lead against the Americans, blew a massive series lead against India (shout out to the GOAT Gandhi), and lost a whole continent lead to Australia. So they’ve had some tough breaks, but they now have the soccer team that can save the tiny nation. Maybe just enough to restore them to the dominant world power they once were. This team has future-world leaders/social justice leaders, Greek cop fighters, and a couple of young studs who don’t give a damn about COVID regulations if it means getting some booty. Truly a team that hits every demographic.

I’ll start with the leaders and activists on this England team. Raheem Sterling, who I have a love/hate relationship with, has been incredible with assisting the fight to end racism, an issue that has been in the worlds game for far too long. So good on Raheem for leading the charge as a young lad in England. His counterpart up-top, Marcus Rashford, has been on the forefront of pushing British Parliament to do more in terms of battling childhood poverty in the UK. Two young, talented British lads using their platforms to enact change ? Love to see it.

Ok so England has some great people playing on the squad, but where’s the grit and flair? O boy, this Three Lions squad definitely has grit, and it comes from their centerback Harry Maguire. Dude was on vacation in Mykonos in Greece when he got in a fight with a Greek cop. Maguire was arrested and charged with assault. During the whole fiasco, Maguire was heard yelling “F*** you all, f*** off, f*** the Greek police, f*** policemen, f*** Greece, f*** the Greek civilization, I don’t give a s***”.

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WHAT A LEGEND ! Not even fuck the cops, but screw all of Greek civilization? HM must’ve been loaded.

I’m not done though with this team. This last tidbit of their future greatness takes the cake in my mind. Recent call-ups to the national team Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood (20 and 18 years old respectively) had a short-lived opening stint after they were dropped from the team trying to sneak in girls into the teams hotel.

“You got a friend for my mate?”

How about Phil fuckin’ Folden hooking his 18 year old teammate up? Foden, a Man City guy, is selfless enough to get his crosstown rival from Man United laid? That’s putting country before club, and I love it. Foden has a girlfriend and a kid back home in England… but hey they weren’t in Iceland, so do you Phil.

England are +1000 to win the World Cup in 2022. Get your futures bets in now while the odds are in your favor. God save the Queen, and God bless this savage England squad.