Few things in this world fit better together than beer and football. As a matter of fact, that might be the greatest duo of all-time. But how do the NFL Divisions match-up with the many beers and beverages the world has to offer?

AFC North: Guinness

I don’t think Guinness does this division enough justice, but it’s the closest thing I can think of as a working mans beer. Like the AFC North,  Guinness is thick, mean, and doesn’t pull any punches.

AFC South: Natty Light

It’s beer, but not good beer, but it has it’s place in the game. It’ll also serve as a great Thursday Night Football beer for you college kids, and those who are ballin’ on a budget.

AFC East: Wine

AFC East thinks they are elite solely from the Patriots. Pats fans are arrogant, and the Jets and the Dolphins reek of cheap Barefoot wine. The Bills are not included in this by the way, they are in their own category.

AFC West: Michelob Ultra

This division is just like the beer, good lasting but not much depth to it. Yea you get the low calorie benefits (i.e. the Kansas City Chiefs), but it’s gonna take 10+ to make you feel something. Great for 1-2 beers, but not a deep enough beer/league to satisfy my Sunday thirst.

NFC North: Miller Lite

Miller screams NFC North football. I’m talking cold, Midwest football with a great tasting, less filling, Miller Lite. I’ve never been to the Midwest, but I know they love their football, and a Chilly Milly (or 20) on a fall Sunday.

NFC South: Moonshine

You can’t just drink beer if you watch the NFC South. This division is volatile. Try watching a full Panthers, Bucs, or Falcons regular season game, it’ll have you crushing pitchers of good ‘ol hooch.

NFC East: Bud Light

This doesn’t need any further explanation. Bud Light is the premier American beer of the NFL, and the NFC East is America’s conference. The Dallas Cowboys are not America’s team however, despite the propaganda you may have heard.

NFC West: Overpriced Craft IPA

Fancy football in this conference. Sean McVay, Pete Carroll, Cliff Kingsbury, and Kyle Shanahan aren’t your generic meatball coaches. This is a pretty boy division, but certainly has its place amongst the NFL.