The EPL is free morning money. It’s free money before college football on Saturday, and it’s especially free money on a NFL Sunday. EPL soccer is a beak-wetter, plain and simple. Last week was a .500 week for the kid, and in my mind, going even is just as good as going up money. Sometimes ya gotta fight to get even, that’s what gambling is all about. Betting above your means and climbing out of debt is what builds character. Let’s build more than character this week though, lets build wealth.


Honestly not in love with the Saturday slate. I do however love the big boy club parlay of Arsenal ML and Manchester United ML, which is set at +105. Arsenal get a West Ham side that looked asleep last weekend against Newcastle, and Manchester United get a Crystal Palace squad that somehow squeaked out a win against Southampton despite only having 29% of the possession. Give me the Gunners/Red Devils, “the Big Boy Club Can’t Lose Parlay” at +105

Also throwing 2 units on the Everton/West Brom under of 2.5 at +105. I’m never one to root for an under, but West Brom definitely can’t score, and if Everton does, it’ll be no more than 2.


Now Sunday has me extra excited. We have some massive games to lead you right into the 1 o’clock NFL games. In the early Sunday match I’m taking Tottenham ML over Southampton at +130. Tottenham looked great to end the covid season, but came out flat last week. Expect a big bounce back from Mourinho’s Spurs.

MATCH OF THE WEEK ALERT! I’m talking Liverpool v.. America’s Club, Chelsea. And what do we do for big matches? That’s right, we give them them the Barney Brit patented Draw. I see this game being a 2-2 draw with some late heroics. Give me the goddamn draw at +260. Liverpool weren’t 100% convincing against Leeds last week, and something about Chelsea under Frank Lampard gives off this mystique.


As badly as I want to take my Wolverhampton Wanderers at +475 v.s Manchester City, I will refrain from such a wild bet. Instead, give the battle of Central England between Sheffield United (They are nicknamed the Blades and have pirate swords as their logo… so badass) and soon-to-be relegated Aston Villa from Birmingham (shoutout to the Peaky Blinders). I’m taking Sheffield United, my Blades, at +165 odds.


Arsenal/Man United ML Parlay +105, Everton/WB Under 2.5 (+105), Tottenham ML +130, Liverpool/Chelsea draw +260, Sheffield ML +165