Last night during the Raiders/Saints MNF game, a game that unveiled the Las Vegas Raiders new stadium, Steve Levy gave us the info that changed my mind about the landscape of the NFL owners forever. All of these NFL owners are killers in the business world. You don’t become a billionaire by following a playbook or your companies employee handbook. You step on necks, and you make things happen. So when Steve Levy said that all but ONE of the owners voted for the Raiders moving to Vegas, I was salavating to know which owner was stubborn enough to go against all the other owners. That man was none other than Miami Dolphins owner, and real estate development tycoon, Stephen Ross.

Stephen “The Shark” Ross

The balls on this guy to look every owner in the face and say “Nah, I don’t want an NFL team in Vegas” is such a power move. Ross said he had no personal problems with Raiders owner Mark Davis and wished the franchise well, but did not think the Raiders did everything they could to stay in Oakland. I think he has a serious beef with Davis, and just wants Miami to remain the top party city in the NFL, especially with gambling nearing legalization in Florida soon. This isn’t the first time Ross has been adamant about a franchise not moving cities. When the Chargers left San Diego, Ross called out Chargers owner Dean Spanos saying he didn’t give his best effort to keep the team in San Diego. For an NFL owner to call out another NFL owner publicly, there has to be some beef between the two. The NFL ownership Good ‘Ol Boys Club is a sacred fraternity, but Stephen Ross is like the 5th year senior who doesn’t care and will talk to shit to everyone, including the exec board. He doesn’t give a damn.

If you still aren’t sold on this guy, and if going against 31 other billionaires on a decision doesn’t make you think this guy is a shark, then listen to this. He owns a mansion in Palm Beach called “The Reef”. He may own the Dolphins, but Stephen Ross is a frickin’ shark.