Before I dive into the candidates, I want to virtually pour some out for Brett Brown. Yes it was his time to go, but he was with us during the entirety of The Process. He walked so this next coach can run with this team. I can’t wait on inept ownership and management while we still have no head coach. Let’s take a look at our options.

Kenny Atkinson

I like Kenny Atkinson, and I think the Nets really shafted him. He’s familiar with the Sixers after having played them in the 1st round of the playoffs 2 years ago, as well as seeing them multiple times a year being in the same division. He looks like a James Bond villain, but I wouldn’t hate if he ended up being the guy.

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Kinda looks like a Pitino relative.

Mike D’Antoni

Mike D’Antoni to the Sixers is an oxymoron. All he knows is shoot 3’s. All this Sixers roster knows is how to not make 3’s. Maybe he’s the guy though. Maybe he’ll be the zen master that Ben needs, and the kind of guy who can let Joel play in a fluid offensive system that gives him a clear role. Ying needs a yang, but oil and water don’t mix, so we’ll see if the dysfunctional front office takes a chance on D’Antoni. But since Donovan took the Bulls job, I think Mike is the favorite now.

Billy Donovan

No idea why he took the Bulls job over ours, but I’m thinking he didn’t want the Embiid/Simmons headaches.

Ty Lue

Even if Ty Lue was the best available option, I still wouldn’t hire him. Can you imagine how badly the social media team wants this guy to never step foot in the building? The second things go south Twitter is gonna meme the city to death. Can’t do it. Also, I’m not into a coach who got backpacked by LeBron Sr.

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Dave Joeger

If we end up on Joeger it’s because we missed out on everyone else. We can’t have Elton Brand making a “go with your gut” decision on an unproven guy, especially with Elton’s track record of decision making. I think Joeger is a fine coach, just not the right coach for the Sixers.

Ime Udoka

Hire from within certainly isn’t a bad option. He’s been with the team since 2019, but he’s Brett Brown’s guy, and we need to rid ourselves of all the Popovich disciples we brought in.

Nate McMillan

I haven’t heard this name being in the mix, but I love Nate McMillan. Those Pacers teams he had were not very talented, but he got a lot out of his guys. He’s a coach with playoff experience, and he was well liked by his players in Indy. Don’t think he’ll get job though.

Joe Panichelli

Coached a JV CYO team to a .500 season, but I heard Josh Harris loves his demeanor.